Commercial Dispute Resolution

In business, just as in life, disputes are often inevitable. Our extensive experience in Commercial Law enables us to protect your interests by developing and implementing techniques to resolve business disputes efficiently.

Ideally, expertly prepared contracts and agreements would already be in place to avoid disputes, however, the reality is that agreements are often still verbally or even by handshake. Additionally a poorly written agreement can lead to unnecessary disagreements or conflict.

From the outset, we will determine with you your objectives with you to ensure that they are met.

It is not always necessary for disputes to involve Litigation. We can advise you on the variety of ways to negotiate a settlement including alternative dispute resolution, arbitration and mediation. However if Litigation does occur, our Solicitors have developed the techniques, strategies and legal acumen to robustly and professionally advance your interest in the dispute. Furthermore, we will see that the determined mechanism of resolution is carried into effect as efficiently and conclusively as possible.

If you have concerns about a probable dispute, are in the midst of conflict or would like to put plans in place to avoid a potential dispute, we would be happy to discuss your concerns with you and help put your mind at ease. You can contact our office on

07 4638 5541 to arrange a confidential appointment with one of our experienced solicitors.


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