Do I need a Will? 

Whilst a Will is not compulsory, if you care about your assets and who they are distributed to, it is ideal to have one.

If you die without a Will it may cause problems for your family. It may also mean that your wishes are not carried into effect as the Law will determine the person who may act as the Administrator for your Estate and how your assets will be distributed. This ultimately means that you will no longer have any power over how your assets are distributed and who they will benefit.

Chris Sheath has a first class reputation in all aspects of succession planning. We are able to prepare all types of documents from simple Wills through to complex Testamentary Discretionary Trust Wills. As one of Queensland’s Accredited Specialists in Succession Law (Wills & Estates), Chris has the experience and expertise required to ensure that your family is looked after in the event of your death.

During the preparation of your Will, we will get to know your family’s circumstances to ensure your precise wishes are carried into effect. After you die, we can also take care of the formalities, ensuring that your family are able to avoid unnecessary distress at a time that they are most vulnerable.

Our team are also experts in Estate Administration and therefore can, when preparing your succession plan, anticipate future pitfalls or problems and develop strategies and techniques to avoid them.

If you would like to learn more about starting your Will or reviewing an existing Will please contact our office on 07 4638 5541 to talk to one of our experienced solicitors.

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