Wills & Estates


Director, Chris Sheath has a high level of specialist knowledge and skill in this area, being recognised by the Queensland Law Society as an Accredited Specialist in Succession Law (Wills & Estates) and as a Nationally Accredited Mediator. 

Chris leads a team of highly experienced and dynamic solicitors who will work with you to preserve and protect your family’s interests in all aspects of:

Our estate experts provide sensitive and commercially focused advice in these specialised areas of law. They work alongside clients and their extended professional team to create a holistic and practical estate planning strategy.

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Your situation is unique and we recognise that not ‘one size fits all’. We partner with you in reaching an understanding of your legal options and obligations.

Our team applies strategies and techniques in a holistic plan. We work with you to:


Protect what you have worked hard for

Property ownership, whether residential or commercial, is one of the greatest financial assets we can own. As such it is critical to ensure that it is legally protected to safeguard individuals, families, and their hard work. Whether buying, selling, leasing or unsure of your rights, our team of qualified solicitors and paralegals can assist you in all aspects of property law and conveyancing including: 

Our property law experts will provide you with strategic and personalised legal advice to ensure your hard work is protected.


Providing you with the support you need

At Chris Sheath & Associates, our team of experienced solicitors specialise in a range of dispute resolution legal services.

In business, disputes are often inevitable. In these instances, it is critical to have your interests protected and obtain techniques to resolve disputes efficiently.

Whether your dispute pertains to a breach of contract, wills & estate dispute, partnership dispute, B2B dispute or non-compete agreement, our team of qualified solicitors can assist you in all aspects of business dispute resolution.

Our legal team will first determine your objectives and then develop strategies with you to achieve your desired outcome. We often avoid litigation by negotiating a successful settlement on your behalf using alternative dispute resolution procedures, including mediation or arbitration.

If litigation does occur, our team will represent you to efficiently and robustly advance your legal interests.


Sincerely resolve your dispute

Mediation is a confidential process that allows parties to focus on their needs, wants, desires and interests, instead of adopting a strict legal position or have a dispute decided by a Court.

Mediation often serves as a cost effective and efficient alternative to reach a resolution prior to court proceedings or trial, requiring an independent third party (a mediator) to genuinely help the parties in dispute reach their own resolution.

Director, Chris Sheath is recognised by the Queensland Law Society a Nationally Accredited Mediator.

Chris is recognised for his specialist knowledge, and expertise in mediation of wills and estates disputes but also has extensive experience acting for parties and mediating commercial litigation disputes. 

Chris is a mediator appointed by the Queensland Small Business Commissioner to mediate affected lease disputes and small business tenancy disputes. 

Chris and his team of legal experts successfully support disputing parties in reaching mutual resolutions across various areas of law, including neighbourhood and business disputes.


Our resources include practical information on a wide range of legal topics, approved by our highly experienced and qualified legal team. 

This information covers common and emerging legal issues and can easily be utilised by individuals or small groups.

Further information and resources will be added to this section for public access and review.

Before making any legally binding decisions please speak to a legal professional.

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